International projects

  • Internationalization of companies and projects.
  • Detection and development of investment opportunities: creation of project banks.
  • Commercial dynamisation and search of competitive advantages for territories: significant and differential activities.
  • Development of fiscal instruments for the financing of municipal tourism and commercial promotion projects.
  • Presence of companies in national and international fairs and congresses.
  • Representation and promotion of companies and international projects.
  • Promotion of public-private partnerships for the development of basic services for citizens.
  • International sales transactions. Incoterms
  • Customs and para-customs services.
  • International logistics.
  • Optimization of costs in international trade operations.
  • Marketing and communication of products and services.
  • Agreements of cultural cooperation with Universities, Administrations and companies.
  • Agreements for linking innovative business projects to territorial development.
  • Promotion of free trade, innovation, technological advances and their impact on the progress of people and countries.

International projection


  • International trade: access to markets, basic rules of trade and international sale
  • Documentation
  • Customs management: tariff classification, rules of origin, customs value, suspensive customs regimes, ...
  • Foreign currency transactions
  • Taxation: formal obligations, special taxes
  • Transportation and insurance
  • Professional training (CP's)
  • Training to become custom representative
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