Commercial bridge between Central & South America and EU

The Goal

Selection of qualified logistics operators for the establishment of a commercial bridge between Central and South American countries and the European Union (EU).


  • Consolidated companies at the national or regional level.
  • Neutral operators, not involved in business groups that condition or limit their decision-making capacity and that do not have a functional or corporate dependency.
  • Have the required customs accreditations issued by the National Customs Services of each of the countries or customs territories in which the company is located.
  • They must perform the functions of Freight Forwarder / Logistic Operator / Authorized Exporter / AEO – Authorized Economic Operator or any other customs figures in accordance with the legislations of the respective countries or customs territories.
  • Have their own storage facilities, either on a rental basis or having an agreement with a third party that allows their usage.
  • Accredited experience in customs management like clearance, nationalization of merchandise, handling of documentation, liquidation of taxes, insurance, customs regimes (customs warehouses, free zones, fiscal deposits, etc.) or transportation route planning.
  • Membership in national and international Associations will be valued.

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