Design and implementation of a new sewage system

Cabecera Cantonal de Alfredo Baquerizo – JUJAN, Provincia de Guayas, Ecuador

The Goal

Help the urban core that forms the “Cabecera Cantonal de Alfredo Baquerizo” (JUJAN) with an efficient sewage system, which has become one of the main unsatisfied needs for the canton since it is conditioning its development. Also, the connection of the houses with the sewerage will help improve the population's hygiene habits and education around this matter.

The Project

The Municipal Autonomous Decentralized Government is commited to provide one of the most essential basic services to the population: a sewer service that collects the sewage, conducts it to a treatment plant to purify it.

This project aims to replace the current latrines and cesspools in the private houses, since these can not be considered as an alternative to provide basic services to the population.  The lack of maintenance and its clogging generate the sewage discharge outside the gutters and their accumulation in the ballasted streets, which constitutes an infectious focus especially for the most vulnerable population that are the children and the elderly.

  • Target population : 2301 families with 11,506 people.
  • Bidding budget: 5,935,128.82 USD (including 12% VAT)
  • Execution time: 6 months

The People Involved

  • GADM Alfredo Baquerizo Moreno (JUJAN)
  • A Company that executes the project and finances it with deferred payment by the Municipality or finances the project through a medium term loan the Municipality will assume.

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