Luxury hotel resort financing

Ica, Perú

The Goal

Development of Hotel Resort, Spa & Convention Center “La Hacienda San Juan” by obtaining financial resources in the form of a loan or line of credit that allows the owner and manager to refinance the current bank debt and complete the business project of a new conventions center by undertaking the investment program.

The Project

The Hotel Resort, Spa & Convention Center “La Hacienda San Juan” based in Peru was created more thatn 15 years ago and counts with more than 100 luxury rooms since 2016. It targets national and international customers attracted by the well-known “Ruta del Pisco” in Ica, Peru. 

They have recently launched a business project with the aim to expand the hotel activities to corporate tourism. The plan is to create a convention center with a capacity for 400 or 500 people, as well as the develop complementary services for such events to add value.

Financing Required

9,000,000 USD

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