Potable Water Supply

Cabecera Cantonal de Alfredo Baquerizo – JUJAN, Provincia de Guayas, Ecuador

The Goal

  • Improve the potable water suply
  • Improve hygiene practices and habits
  • Educate the population in health and safety

The Project

Solving the deficiency of the current system of potable water supply is top priority for the Gobierno Autónomo Descentralizado Municipal since it generates distortions in one of the basic services to the population in Alfredo Baquerizo. That will help improve the welfare of the population and mitigate the current critical situation of people suffering from diarrheal diseases and parasitosis.

  • Target population : 2301 families with 11,506 people.
  • Bidding budget: 3.498.174,72 USD (incluido el 12% IVA)
  • Execution time: 8 months

The People Involved

  • GADM Alfredo Baquerizo Moreno (JUJAN)
  • A Company that executes the project and finances it with deferred payment by the Municipality or finances the project through a medium term loan the Municipality will assume.

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