GADMC Alausí – Gobierno Autónomo Descentralizado Municipal del Cantón de Alausí (Ecuador)

General Information

The GADMC Alausí is a territorial entity with political, administrative, legal and financial autonomy. Its objectives are to promote and develop projects and initiatives with the aim of improving public services and the living conditions of the population of the Cantón.


Identifying initiatives, projects, and proposals for collaboration that help the population's well-being:

  • The development and improvement of basic services to the population
  • The revitalization of industrial, commercial and tourist activities
  • The promotion of projects that contribute to the fulfillment of the objectives of the canton
  • The economic development
  • The improvement of employment

In order to do that, it is key to:

  • Attract financial resources that allow the diversification of the current production base
  • Create new sources of wealth and employment for the population
  • Professional training of workers
  • Improve access to credit for small autonomous enterprises through micro-credits or credits under preferential conditions

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